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Samdesk taps into Nextdoor as their first ever public data partner

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January 31, 2023

Effective crisis response hinges on getting accurate information fast, but often the time to first awareness makes an effective response difficult. When a disaster strikes you want to be able to act swiftly and concisely – which can’t be done if you’re not even aware there is a crisis unfolding. On average, it takes over an hour, sometimes more, before many crisis response teams even know an event has happened that might impact personal safety or their corporate operations.

Here at samdesk our mission is to help our users act faster with more confidence at a time when action can make the biggest difference. We do this by leveraging big data and artificial intelligence (AI). Today we’re excited to announce that our AI engine now taps into a new and rich data source from Nextdoor. This will help us alert on crisis events that are first reported on the Nextdoor platform before anywhere else, via their large network of public agencies that post critical safety information on the platform.

Nextdoor’s neighborhood-first approach, and partnerships with thousands of public emergency agencies, creates a unique dataset that can be harnessed as a force for good. Here at samdesk we’re thrilled to be the first external partner to be entrusted with their public data and we couldn’t be more excited to help keep neighborhoods around the globe more informed, safer, and connected.

Our partnership with Nextdoor marks yet another major social media platform entrusting us to turn public information into life-saving alerts. Here at samdesk we share a deep commitment with all our partners and clients to uphold the highest privacy standards and best practices.

Starting today the samdesk alerting engine will be ingesting Nextdoor public agency data and our clients will see Nextdoor powered alerts in their alert streams as a native data source.