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Samdesk real-time crisis alerts now integrated with Resolver

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March 28, 2024

Samdesk and Resolver are teaming up to support organizations in quickly identifying crisis events and making agile, data-driven decisions for the benefit of their people and assets.

Joint customers of the two industry-leading platforms will benefit from an integration that allows any samdesk crisis alert to be immediately pushed to the Resolver software suite. From here, teams can manage their response and quantify the risks posed by threats in an increasingly volatile environment.

“It’s impossible to manage a crisis if you are not aware it is happening. Time and time again we see organizations struggling to keep up with the pace and breadth of information becoming available during a crisis developing in real-time,” says James A. Neufeld, founder and CEO of samdesk. “What’s really exciting about this partnership is it enables samdesk alerts to be the trigger point for SOPs within the Resolver platform, all at the click of a button. Resolver is a critical tool for teams looking to assess incident impact and we are proud to support easy case management facilitation with this integration.”

Samdesk’s AI sifts through billions of data points every day to spot disruptive events at an emergent state, generating early warning alerts and insights that help organizations quickly mobilize an effective response. By combining the speed of AI-powered event detection and human in the loop validation, samdesk users get industry leading alert times without the noise. The samdesk platform keeps users informed before, during and after a crisis with concise incident summaries and rich media for full situational awareness as an event unfolds. 

With an ever-evolving security landscape and a myriad of tools available to tackle complex problems, this integration provides a seamless workflow for organizations needing to act quickly and effectively to keep their operations running smoothly. Users will be able to quickly assess the impact of an incident and respond through Resolver’s robust case management, investigations and reporting capabilities. 

“Our partnership with samdesk enhances Resolver's ability to deliver end-to-end threat protection by integrating advanced real-time alerting with our award-winning Threat Protection solution,” says Artem Sherman, Corporate Security Product Manager at Resolver. “This empowers clients with unprecedented speed and precision in identifying and mitigating potential threats before they materialize.”

Four key aspects of the integration between samdesk and Resolver that enable a streamlined approach to crisis and case management include:

  • Rapid Incident Response Times: Samdesk AI-powered real-time crisis alerts pushed into the Resolver environment cuts down manual effort tenfold when looking to analyze organizational impact and response.

  • Supercharged Situational Awareness: Samdesk’s global alerts provide unmatched situational awareness, enabling organizations to understand context around breaking events at the first sign of a crisis. 

  • Streamlined Case Management: Resolver's case management solutions offer organizations a seamless way to assess and manage security risks from end to end, streamlining processes for enhanced efficiency and improved decision-making.

  • Data-Driven Decision Making: Integrating real-time alerts into Resolver’s analytics provides a holistic view, facilitating informed, data-driven decisions during crises.

Both samdesk (booth #3040) and Resolver (booth #33065) are exhibiting at ISC West in Las Vegas from April 10-12. Stop by either booth for a live demonstration of the integration and see how your organization can benefit from streamlined workflows.

Learn more about supercharging your workflows with samdesk's growing ecosystem of partners and integrations here.