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Everbridge names samdesk as their preferred AI alerting partner to super charge CEM and mass comms workflows

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May 15, 2023

The world is both unpredictable and connected in ways we've never seen before, and organizations are often blindsided by disruptive events, both locally and globally. 

Being able to respond effectively during a crisis relies on getting accurate information quickly. Any delay in becoming aware of a crisis can hinder an effective response – after all, you can not respond to something until you know about it

This is why we’re thrilled to be collaborating with Everbridge, the world’s largest Critical Event Management (known as CEM) platform, to help organizations shorten the time between when something impacts them and when they find out about it. Bringing the power of samdesk directly into their CEM tools will help organizations of all sizes supercharge their crisis response and management in very meaningful ways.

“Partnering with samdesk enables Everbridge users to get the earliest possible insights into developing situations, inside a platform they know and trust,” said Bryan Barney, Chief Product Officer at Everbridge in a news release announcing the partnership. “Today, Everbridge empowers resilience for thousands of organizations through a unified, global platform that enables businesses and governments to effectively manage critical events from start to finish. With the integration of samdesk’s advanced crisis event detection capabilities into our platform, our customers are driving even faster, and thus more effective outcomes.”

Everbridge provides CEM and national Public Warning solutions to help governments and corporate security teams respond to critical events. Users can now integrate our real-time crisis alerts directly into Everbridge Visual Command Center (VCC) through a connector and receive comprehensive situational intelligence before, during, and after critical events.

By integrating our real-time alerts into the Everbridge platform, users can trigger earlier incident triage and response, reduce organizational risk blind spots, and most crucially, reduce response times. With this partnership, organizations are improving employee wellness, asset protection, and brand reputation during critical events.

You can read the official news release here.

At samdesk our mission continues to build momentum as more organizations demand fast, accurate information to navigate an increasingly complex world, without jumping between disconnected dashboards or slow service providers and middle layers. This partnership is a big leap forward towards creating a unified experience that will no doubt lead to better outcomes.