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Citizen and samdesk team up to provide unmatched coverage and speed for real-time safety alerts

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June 22, 2023

Social media and 24-hour news coverage often shine a spotlight on major international incidents and large scale crisis events – but hyperlocal events that disrupt business operations or pose safety concerns are frequently a blindspot for many organizations. They’re extremely hard to track and often never get media coverage.

That’s why we’re excited to partner with Citizen to help detect and alert on hyperlocal disruptions. 

By incorporating data feeds and user-generated content from Citizen, samdesk users will increase their situational awareness of hyperlocal events unfolding at a specific location with faster and more accurate information generated from trusted local police sources and nearby citizens. 

“At Citizen we’ve pioneered a set of tools and systems that produce extremely fast, accurate hyperlocal safety alerts. Our hyperlocal alerts are often faster than traditional social media – which means our app has huge potential to keep people safe as they navigate their cities,” said Morgan Mathiesen, Citizen's Head of Mission Control Optimization.

Citizen is the leading app for real-time personal safety alerts. Citizen monitors police scanner feeds in real-time while also having more than 9 million users who provide visual confirmation from the frontlines of an incident when they are nearby. 

“By partnering with samdesk, not only is Citizen expanding access to our own critical, real-time safety information via samdesk alerts, but Citizen data is now helping samdesk users keep their employees and operations running smoothly and most importantly, safely. Together, we're revolutionizing public safety and doubling down on our commitment to keeping communities across the U.S. safe and informed," added Mathiesen.

Integrating Citizen data into the samdesk platform is a continuation of our commitment to provide the fastest, most accurate, and broadest coverage of real-time crisis events. From Twitter, Reddit and Snap to the open web, RSS feeds and official weather sources, our AI engine now performs billions of computations from more than 100,000 data sources everyday.

“Samdesk is laser focused on providing fast, accurate real-time crisis alerts that give our users the context needed to make the right decisions in times of crisis,” said James A. Neufeld, CEO and founder of samdesk. “Citizen is the pioneer of community driven personal safety alerts, teaming up means that we can deliver the fastest, most accurate hyperlocal alerts that are not possible without this partnership. We’re thrilled to be collaborating with the team at Citizen as we push the state of the art forward.”

Our collaboration with Citizen is one of many exciting partnerships and data integrations we’re rolling out to continue making samdesk the fastest and most trusted source of real-time intelligence to power workflows that drive positive outcomes for organizations.